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IT Agency Bangladesh is providing the Best Static website service in Bangladesh with an affordable price for everyone. In today’s world, the demand for websites is increasing day by day. All Businesses, small and large, need an online presence. We made a simple and beautiful static website package for our customer. So, you will get a website at a reasonable price from us.

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What is Static Website?

Unlike most dynamic sites, which build the page when the request comes in, a static site uses server-side rendering to send HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that have already been built to a web browser. Static sites allow you to separate your content repository and front-end interface, giving you more control over how your content is served. Another reason companies migrate to a static site is cost-efficiency, because static files are lightweight and often faster and cheaper to serve. Static sites have grown in popularity over the last few years. This increase is primarily due to advancements in developer tools (languages and libraries), as well as a greater desire among businesses to optimize website performance beyond the constraints of a database-driven site. We’ll go over the advantages of a static site in greater detail below.

How to Create a Static Website:

There are various ways to create a static site, depending on your knowledge and experience. Static web development may be a good learning experience if you’re just starting out. In that case, you could choose to start from scratch and write HTML pages directly. A static site generator can also help you create quick and easy-to-load static sites (SSG). SSGs generate a structure of static HTML files by applying prepared content to templates. You can make a static website if you know the fundamentals of programming languages. There are several static site generators to choose from, including:

  • Next.js: Next.js  is a well-known framework for creating static React applications.
  • Nuxt.js: Nuxt.js is similar to Next.js, but the framework is built with Vue rather than React.
  • Hugo: It is a static site generator written in Go that is known for its fast site creation.
  • Gatsby: It’s the most well-known React-based static site generator.
  • Jekyll: It is a Ruby-based static site generator that is widely used.


Advantages of Static Websites?

The majority of the advantages of static websites arise from their simplicity. Static sites are the simplest to create and maintain from the ground up. Static sites are an excellent choice for quickly and affordably launching a basic website. You can code a decent one with HTML and CSS knowledge without much effort or cost. On the user’s end, static websites are also faster than dynamic websites. This is because static website pages are pre-built and require little back-end processing. The server only needs to retrieve and deliver the requested files to the client. Because of the lack of variation in content, static websites are also easier to cache. Site speed, also known as website performance, is critical for a positive user experience and has an impact on search engine ranking. Static websites are the best options for managing a small business online because they are not overly expensive. Some benefits of a static website include:

Security Issue:

Since there is no database involved, there is no risk of code injection or worry about data loss.

Page Speed:

Static websites load faster and more easily because there is no database involved. The static website loads much faster than the dynamic website (one with a database or content management system).

Low Cost and Simple Maintenance:

These websites are less expensive to build, maintain, and use.

Connectional Error:

The connection was not made. This is a database error that happens when a site using a database can’t connect to it. Since the static website doesn’t use a database, there isn’t a connection-establishing issue.

What does a Static Website Contain?

As HTML and CSS are primarily used to create static websites, they are extremely lightweight. Even with a slow internet connection, the pages load quickly.
These pages are a requirement for a static website.

  1. Homepage: The homepage is the first page that users see when they visit a website.
  2. About us: This page needs to include details about you and your company. You can also list the facilities and services you offer.
  3. Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of using your website.
  4. Privacy: Transparency regarding your website and suggested usage.
  5. Contact: Included in the contact details are the address, phone number, and social media accounts.

Difference between Static website and Dynamic website:

Difference between Static website and Dynamic website are given below:

Terms and Condition:

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  • What type of site do you want? Share your ideas with us. Your Priority is our main target.
  • Content and logo should be provided from Client side. If you are finding for a Content writer and logo maker for your business, Contact us.
  • You have to pay 35% for confirming your Order.
  • We don’t sell Domain-hosting. You have to provide it or We will complete your site in localhost and provide all files to you.
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